Moe Redish


The 'Decastool' luxury flatpack

The 'Decastool' is an intuitive stool design that is easy to store, assemble and disassemble, over and over again.



The 'Decastool' was designed with spacing saving & storage in mind.

Designed not only for ease when assembling but ease when disassembling. 

For easy storage the 'Decastool' can be unrolled to a flat 20mm surface and the seat stored flush in the main body, making this piece of furniture easy to store under the sofa, on a shelf or hung on the wall as a decorative piece.


To assemble to 'Decastool' from flat follow these three simple instructions.

  • Remove the seat from the body of the stool & set aside.
  • stand the main body vertically with the rebated side up, take the two ends & join them together with the angled latch fixings.
  • sit the seat section in the rebates.

Assembly video below.